"Abbey ghosts"

We also look after your stomach.

The special  "Abtei-Schnaps" or "Abbey spirit" is a popular drink or present to take back from a visit to Sayn.

It can be purchased for 12,00 €

at the shop Becker, 56170 Bendorf-Sayn, Abteistraße 28,

Neues Museum Schloss Sayn, 56170 Bendorf-Sayn, Schloss-Str. 100

Tourist info
in the visitor center (Krupp'sche Halle) on the Sayner Hütte monument site,
56170 Bendorf-Sayn, In der Sayner Hütte 8

from the branch office of the society Jürgen Mosen, 56170 Bendorf-Sayn, Meisenhofweg 5a.

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