Harvard Krokodiloes 2019

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Proceeds from the Harvard Crocodiloes concerts have been donated to the Förderkreis Abtei Sayn for 30 years.
Over the past three decades, the Princely House has donated around 100,000 euros for the association's work - the sponsoring group has used the funds to implement numerous projects and renovation measures. 
For more than three decades, they have not only provided a new cultural highlight for the region every summer, but have also been a real financial blessing for the Sayn Abbey Support Group: For 30 years, the Harvard Crocodiloes, the a cappella ensemble of the world-famous US elite university, have crowned their world tour with concerts in Sayn. And for just as long, the Sayn Princely House, whose invitation the Kroks are always happy to accept due to family ties, has donated the proceeds of this event to the Sayn Abbey support group. Thus approximately 100,000 euro flowed so far into the cash of the association - money, which flowed into several projects approximately around the abbey, in addition, into the castle park and for example into the castle chapel.
In the castle park the new-Gothic holy house with the baroque Pieta and also the cast-iron stations of the cross could not have been restored and repaired without the donations. The same applies to the Moritz von Schwind windows in the castle chapel. "Of course, the money has also flowed into restoration work around and in the abbey," emphasizes Jürgen Mosen, treasurer of the Förderkreis. One of many examples: The renovation of the cloister and well house in the 1990s, which could also be realized with the concert proceeds donated by the Princely House. Or: the repair of the Spangenberg tomb and the design of the exterior lighting of the church and the cloister.
"For all this we want to say now also once 'thank you'", appreciated District Administrator Dr. Alexander Saftig, at the same time first chairman of the promotion circle abbey Sayn, now, after the 30th "birthday" of the Kroks concerts in this summer, the commitment of prince Alexander to Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn and his wife princess Gabriela in the context of a small celebration hour in the abbey Sayn. With a twinkle in his eye, Saftig presented Prince Alexander with a box of 32 chocolates and said, "The fact that there aren't exactly 30 also means: we'll continue to rely on you and hope that we'll continue to enjoy the concert proceeds in the future."
A hope that is probably not entirely unfounded. "Without the commitment to the Förderkreis Abtei Sayn, the concerts might have fallen asleep after three or four years," Sayn-Wittgenstein admitted. However, the fact that the proceeds of the event go to a good cause each year makes it easier to keep the tradition alive with a clear conscience, he said. "The charity factor is a great incentive to continue this," confessed the prince, who at the same time also expressed his gratitude to the Förderkreis: "In the use of the funds, the association has always been very open and has not limited the use of the donations only to the building of the abbey. In any case, the use was always also of great, public interest." As an example the prince mentioned among other things the restored way of the cross in the castle park.  
Meanwhile, Princess Gabriela zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn directed words of appreciation in the direction of Renate Holler, the managing director of the Förderkreis, as well as to the entire board team. With the adjustment of the concerts of the Harvard Krokodiloes on their assistance had been always reliable.
Like Alexander Saftig, Pastor Joachim Fey expressed his hope that the ensemble from the USA will continue to come to Sayn for many years to come - and also appealed to tradition and obligation by invoking a saying by the French poet Antoine des Saint-Exupéry from his book "The Little Prince". "Throughout one's life, one is responsible for what one has become familiar with," Fey affirmed. It is nice to see how the children and grandchildren of the princely couple are now endeavoring to continue the tradition in the spirit of their parents and grandparents.


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