Sayn Abbey

Before the turning point from the 12th to the 13th Century the Earl Heinrich II of Sayn had reached the climax of his power. Besides the worldly power he possessed he then saw that the time had come in his earldom for the region and Sayn itself to set up a spiritual centre.

Founding a monastery “to the honour of God and in the hope of eternal retribution” seemed the best way to achieve this.
The Sayn abbey was the result and was consecrated in 1202.

Sayn Abbey (Abbatia Saynensis) is a former Premonstratensian monastery in Bendorf-Sayn on the edge of the Neuwied basin, on the right hand side of the Rhine between Neuwied and Koblenz. It was founded in 1200 by Earl Heinrich II. and clergymen of the Premonstratensian monastery Seinfeld settled in it.
In May 1202 the consecration of the abbey church conducted by the papal legate Guido of Praeneste took place. The dissolution was conducted in June of 1803 following a federal edict. Since then the abbey church has served as a parish church of the Roman Catholic parish Sayn, which has been part of the parish community of Bendorf for two years.

Location        Bendorf-Sayn in Rhineland Palatinate, Trier
50° 26′ N, 7° 35′ O
  Maria Himmelfahrt und Johannes Evangelist
Founded        1202
Dissolution    1803
New foundation and settlement   2007 by Premonstratensian Norbertines
Mother monastery Abbey Steinfeld Tertiaren: Abbey Hamborn
Congregation Premonstratennsian. The order of the Norbertines

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Sayn Abbey is an essential element of the cultural park Sayn,
a cultural masterpiece in the region of the Rhine, Moselle and Westerwald .




Further information about the county Sayn gets you with Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia under https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grafschaft_Sayn

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