Afternoon at the Abbey

40 years of Förderkreis, honorary members, review and outlook

In the year 1981 the promotion circle abbey Sayn registered association was created, in 2021 the fortieth anniversary could not be celebrated unfortunately because of Corona and thus the active circle offered now an "afternoon in the abbey". Managing director Jürgen Mosen informed in the abbey church about the current building measures, about achieved and in the numerous coming years still the following. Massive cracks in the wall formations had to be urgently repaired to ensure safety in the church. This work will continue for the next few years. In the past forty years, many interesting trips - organized by Elisabeth Bleidt - were part of the program. Countless things were co-financed, starting with the tomb of Stein, the tomb of Reiffenberg, the Baroque Madonna, the restoration of the cloister, restoration of altarpieces, the Stations of the Cross in the castle park and much, much more. Drinks and canapés were waiting in the cool cloister, and Chairman District Administrator Dr. Alexander Saftig warmly welcomed the guests and looked back on the work of the Förderkreis. How fortunate that Dietrich Schabow was able to prove that the Sayn Abbey Church is a patronage church and thus the costs do not have to be borne by the parish. "We can all imagine what would have happened then. The founding of the Förderkreis der Abtei Sayn was a lucky day for the building and the people who live here." Chansonnier Manfred Pohlmann entertained in three song blocks with his wonderful music and at part "three" the guests sang along at the top of their lungs with the hits like "Seemann, Deine Heimat ist das Meer". Because of their special services and support over many decades, Alexander Prince zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn and his wife Gabriela - who serves as second chairwoman - were appointed honorary members. The district administrator presented corresponding certificates, Jürgen Mosen presented congratulatory gifts. Alexander Fürst zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn thanked on behalf of both and said that it had truly been a "matter of the heart", especially since his family had "had a hand in the founding of the church". He recalled the return of the tomb figure of Henry the Great or the exchange of the arm reliquary of Saint Elizabeth, which has now found its place again in the castle chapel, for a monstrance containing a splinter of the arm bone. The occasion was also gladly celebrated by Cooperator Father Norbert, who is now able to resume his duties after a long illness. Jürgen Mosen looked ahead to the upcoming performances of the Harvard Krokodiloes, the planned annual general meeting and the planned Advent celebration and possible trips in the future.
Text: Peter Siebenmorgen


                                                      For members and those who want to become members

We will meet on Saturday, July 2, at 4:00 p.m. in front of Sayn Abbey.
First, we will experience and learn about the changes that have taken place in and around the Abbey in the last two years during a short guided tour.
Afterwards we will sit down in the cloister for nice conversations and considerations about the future organization of the togetherness of the Förderkreis (e.g. trips pp.). Of course, drinks (wine, sparkling wine and water) and a small snack will be provided. Since Corona unfortunately had to cancel our 40th anniversary celebration, the event is of course free of charge for you.
Of course, there is nothing to be said against a donation or the purchase of our well-known books, brochures and schnapps on this day.

So that we can better plan, we ask for your/your registration by June 23, 2022 to.
Elsbeth Bleidt, phone: +49 2622 / 5988
Jürgen Mosen, phone: +49 2622 / 14174 or by e-mail: fuehrungen@abtei-sayn.de


Afternoon in the Abbey

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