Interesting facts about the society Abtei Sayn e.V.

On 19th November 2006 the former Chairman of the society, Landrat Albert Berg-Winters, began his speech with on the 25. Anniversary of the founding with the following words: "'I saw the holy city, the new Jerusalem, from God come down from heaven, she was like a bride who had been made beautiful for her husband, as is stated in the revelation of Johannes: See the house of God on earth!' A copy of heaven the House of God should be for people, an idea of what awaits people in heaven. This was the goal of the Premonstratensian here in Sayn with their abbey church consecrated in 1202, as they painted the outside wall decoratively of which today only the colourful painting of the blind arcade gallery remains."

A year after Father Madauß became Parish Priest in Sayn, the renovation of the unique painting on the North and a complete renovation of the church and the remaining buildings of the abbey began at his behest. The state of Rhineland-Palatinate as patron of the last patronage parish in the bishopric Trier saw to it that the walls, roofs, the floors and the building necessary for services were put in to an excellent state.  As a result of secularization of the abbey at the beginning of the 19th century the state had obliged itself to undertake the building.

The Sayn Abbey would have stayed in its state, but the patron is not obliged to finance that which makes the abbey special and what is for is decoration. As the restorer Gisela Schreyögg ascertained that the tombstone of the married couple Stein, the ancestors of the great state reformer, Friedrich Baron vom und zum Stein, needed to be freed of the five unpleasant coats of paint and be fixed, it was difficult to know what to do. The parish was the one to decide but could not afford to have it done. The restoration of the monument was the first of the measures carried out by the society in 1982, by the society founded on 19.11.1981.


The first board members...

1. Chairman: Heinz Korbach, Regierungspräsident
2. Chairman: Gabriela Fürstin zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn
Managing Director: Elli Sprindt
Treasurer: Gerd Saxer, 1. Deputy Mayor for the City of Bendorf  

Further members:
Irene Goss, MdL
Lambert Mohr, MdL
Dr. Hans-Bruno Marx
Hajo Stuhlträger
Werner Weiland 

... didn’t have much money but the successful measure gave the society a good start. In 1982 there was 5 226 DM from membership fees ; in 1990 this had risen to 21 808 DM. From donations and penalties it 76 000 DM had come on top by 1990.

Ways of financing measures:

- membership fees
- donations
- penalties
- excursions
- choir and organ concerts
- Concerts in other places
- tombola during Pius festival
- Sale of prints with the abbey as the motif and cast iron plaques
- wine tasting
- advent events
- art exhibitions 1994, 1995 und 2001
- Sale of abbey books as well as liqueurs


Heinz Korbach Government president 1981 - 1989
Dr. Theo Zwanziger Government president 1989 - 1991
Rudolf Schwan Landrat 1991 - 1997
Albert Berg-Winters Landratr 1997 - 2009
Dr. Alexander Saftig Landrat since 09.11.2009

1989: 415
2010: 428

The society for the promotion and preservation Abtei Sayn e.V. has since 1981 set itself the task of carrying out numerous measures in order to maintain the Romanesque abbey Sayn and the monuments in the surroundings. Since its existence membership fees and donations have been invested in the particularly historic cultural setting of Sayn.

The society for the promotion and preservation Abtei Sayn e.V. had its 25th anniversary on 19th November 2006.

Also on this day the commemoration year began of the birth of Saint Elisabeth 800 years earlier. On account of the arm relic of the saint, which is kept in the palace chapel, the place is particularly connected with the places in which Elisabeth was active.

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