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Förderkreis Abtei Sayn had once again prepared a "spiritual" evening

Wine gladdens the heart of man": Hundreds of times wine appears in the Bible
-psi- When Kalle Grundmann is once again a guest of the Sayn Abbey Support Group, the seats are in demand. Especially since the ambience of the cloister supports the experience of a "Biblical Wine Tasting" again, when noble drops of BettysWeinwelt are held ready and the almost artfully arranged delicacies from the Lindenhof make the chin water. The word "wine" occurs hundreds of times in the Bible. Under the motto "Wine gladdens the heart of man" (Ps 104), fundamental biblical statements are explained profoundly and humorously on the basis of a few selected passages - primarily from the Old Testament. Kalle Grundmann is a theologian and was in the service of the diocese of Trier until 2019 Born in Koblenz in 1956, he is now a "culture and wine ambassador": a good companion, accomplished speaker, sharp-tongued commentator and charming conferencièr. Manfred Bauer of BettysWeinwelt sums it up like this: "A very special wine tasting in the abbey. Kalle Grundmann led through the Old Testament with wit and humor. With selected Bible quotations, the connection of biblical life with faith, but also with wine, was established. A Secco and six selected wines could spoil the taste palate of the participants. The sponsoring association of the abbey is particularly pleased that two new members joined the association that evening. The participants were enthusiastic about a successful evening." From the first vintner, he reported on Noah: "He became the first farmer and planted a vineyard," to make the connection from bread to wine. At Gen 27, 28 it says "God give you much grain and must". So came Elbling or "Miss Scheu" is glass. "Wine must not be missing in heaven" was one of the topics as well as "Wine and sex, wine and eroticism in the Bible" and "Wine belongs to worship". While one - pampered with radiant heaters - could enjoy the wonderful evening in the cloister, the rain visibly whipped through the arcades. An imposing spectacle, when one sits in the dry, but not on the dry. And of course there was enough time and space for a cozy get-together with delicacies from the "Lindenhof". An all-around successful evening thanks to the excellent preparation of Jürgen Mosen and his team. 

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