Maßnahmen 2001-2010

- cast iron well at the estuary of the Brex in Abbey Street

- Restoration of the pictures of the married couple Spangenberg

- new loud speakers for the church
- Outdoor lighting for the whole abbey area


- Restoration of the bench cast in 1835 in the Sayn foundry



- Loud speaker system
- Lighting for the abbey and church, the former monastrery
- Restoration of the Baroque table in the sacraments chapel

- Lighting of the choir room and of the arcades from outside


- Installation of an alarm system
- Banisters parish court stairs and rubbish bin on the abbey grounds -
  Restoration of historical books

- Restoration of a glass window that is made of two old windows from the choir that have been put together

- Restoration of a cross

- Putting up of a glass window (see 2008) in the entrance of the parish house,
  after special lighting had been put in
- Putting in of sisal matting on the floor of the abbey church to protect from cold from below. –
 - New pulpit and new song books

- New cushionson the benches of the church
- Measures to reinforce the walls in the area of the roof of the Sebastian chapel  and improvement of the facade
- Repairs to one of the cast iron stations after a tree had fallen on it in the palace park Sayn (from profit from the concert held by the Harvard Krokodiloes)

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