The palace chapel

The palace chapel as built in 1860-62 in accordance with the Koblenz city architect, Hermann Nebel (1816-1893) was damaged during the war (1945). The glass windows, which were lost, were put back in in 2001-2002 in accordance with drafts by the painter Moritz von Schwind.

The chapel again was given a neo-gothic painting and a hand painted wall hanging made of fabric. The inner decoration, also the altar being the place where the Elisabeth relic was kept, was renewed. The chapel was finished on the 1st of May 2004 which was celebrated.
The society for the preservation and promotion of the Abbey Sayn was able to help with donations specifically for that purpose.  The society’s own funds were not dipped into, e.g. members contributions.

Details and pictures can be found under:  http://www.sayn.de/schloss-sayn/kapelle

Arm relic of Saint Elisabeth

The arm relic of Saint Elisabeth is a relic in the form of a vertical arm that is a relic of Saint Elisabeth of Thüringen.

On 1st May 1236, fewer than five years after her death, Elisabeth‘s mortal remains were taken from the Marburg hospital chapel in the presence of Emperor Friedrich II. and transferred to a precious shrine. "Gertrud von Altenberg, the daughter of the saint born in 1227, belonged to the Premonstratensian abbey of Altenberg Monastery there since her earliest childhood; she had been abbess since 1248. The reliquary, created around 1240, remained in the monastery treasury for centuries."became mother superior in 1248.

After the dissolution of the Monastery of Altenberg in 1803, the last prioress, Ludovica Norbertina von Bode, gave the relic to relatives, to the Earl Boos von Waldeck in Sayn, who kept it in the palace chapel. His grandson passed on the relic to Princess Leonilla zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn, a direct ancestor of Saint Elisabeth. Since then the precious work of a gold smith’s has been in the possession of the Sayn royal family. Also the relic was exhibited in the high altar of the Sayn abbey for many years.

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