Harvard Krokodiloes 2022

After a three-year break because of Corona, the world-famous a capella group made a guest appearance again in Sayn. 
Already on 07-23-2022, 18.00 o'clock they showed their singing qualities in the well-attended eve mass in the abbey church. With seven songs they offered a first, very emotional highlight for the visitors of the service. Their songs "Great God we praise you", "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord" and especially their "Bless you Mary", performed in German, left the faithful very touched, but at the same time already prepared a great anticipation for the benefit concert on Sunday, July 24, 2022, 4:00 pm in the cloister of the abbey.

Almost 200 visitors in the packed cloister of the abbey and in the courtyard can not be mistaken. The concert became an absolute highlight in the long concert history of the Harvard Krokodiloes in Sayn. In any case, this was shown by the final applause of the audience after almost two hours of performance. 
The promotion circle abbey Sayn registered association was together with the princely family Sayn Wittgenstein Sayn for the 32.times in 35 years as hosts and organizers proud to be allowed to present such a group. On your world tour through 6 continents and 22 countries in the metropolises of this world is for the Harvard Krokodiloes Sayn a fixed component in the program. The Förderkreis can rely on the Harvard Krokodiloes as an important sponsor for the accomplishment of its tasks. Over the past 30 years, more than €100,000 in proceeds have been collected to benefit the cultural and monument preservation work of the Förderkreis.
This year's concert with evergreens from the 50s and 60s, but also more recent pop music and even a medley of well-known rock songs brought true storms of enthusiasm from the audience, which lead to the expectation that this year's visitors could also come again to the next concert in 2023. Especially with regard to the dance interludes and the comedic "performance" on the small, for this almost dangerous stage in the cloister, the true ability of our friends, the Harvard Krokodiloes was shown.
In the thank-you speeches of Prince Alexander and of Jürgen Mosen, managing director of the Förderkreis Abtei Sayn, it became clear that this will hopefully not be the last concert of the Harvard Krokodiloes in Sayn.
Also for the promotion circle this was once again a successful meeting, nevertheless several persons showed up spontaneously ready to become a member in the promotion circle. Of course, the readers of this article may also join in order to be able to enjoy the Harvard Krokodiloes concert in 2023 next year.


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Concert of the "Harvard Krokodiloes 2022" in the cloister of Sayn Abbey.
Sayn, June 15, 2019 We are pleased to announce that an open air concert of the Harvard Krokodiloes will take place in the cloister of Sayn Abbey on July 24. As it has done for 34 years, the famous à capella choir of Harvard University plans to thrill its many hundreds of fans from the region at the Sayn Cultural Park on the last weekend in July.
Every year the choir "rejuvenates" by 3 or 4 new singers, while the same number of graduates leave the group. We are curious to see who we will recognize among the 12 singers after the two-year Corona break. In the same way, the repertoire of songs and arrangements is adapted year after year to the taste of the enthusiastic audience, an audience that has already included Ella Fitzgerald, Leonard Bernstein or Bill Clinton, to whose inauguration the Kroks were invited.
"The Harvard Krokodiloes of 2022" are on their annual tour around the globe. There are performances in large concert halls, festivals or U.S. embassies of a variety of famous cities such as Los Angeles, Bangkok, Sidney and Singapore, as Mauritius, Lusaka and Monte Carlo, or Paris, Rome - and Sayn, before moving on to Budapest, Berlin and Sao Paulo.
Their specialties consist of the songs of the "Roaring 20s & 30s" as well as familiar ballads or hits from Swing to Rock'n Roll. Here in Sayn, the "Kroks" will again enjoy a long weekend of fun and family bonding with the Princely Family of Sayn-Wittgenstein.
The 800 year old, partially roofed cloister of the Sayn Abbey with its good acoustics is perfectly suited for this performance on Sunday afternoon, regardless of the weather. Organizer of the musical delicacy in the special Ambiente of the colorfully painted cloister is the promotion circle abbey Sayn, to which also in this year again the net proceeds flow exclusively. In recent years, the "Kroks" had already "ersungen" a total of well over 100,000 euros for the preservation and restoration of sacred buildings and art in Sayn.
On Saturday, July 23, 2022 at 6:00 p.m., the Catholic church community will celebrate Holy Mass in the neighboring Romanesque abbey church, to which quite traditionally the Krokodiloes also want to contribute some sacred songs. Another cultural treat for the singers and their listeners is on the program this time: a choir matinee at Maria Laach Abbey on Saturday at 12:00!
The concert in the cloister of Sayn Abbey will begin on Sunday, July 24, 2022 at 4:00 pm. Concert tickets in advance (adults 16.00 euros, children 10.00 euros) are available through the New Museum Sayn Castle (Tel. 02622-902424). Additional tickets are available at the box office at the cloister (adults 18.00 euros, children 12.00 euros).



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