Open Monument Day on September 13, 2020

In contrast to other years, the nationwide Open Monument Day also took place in the Corona Year. The German Foundation for Monument Protection invited interested people to experience monuments digitally on Sunday, September 13, 2020. The support group of Sayn Abbey had already been preparing for weeks and months, compiling facts and texts for the showcase project "DigiWalk".
Visitors download the free DigiWalk app to their cell phones and can then access extensive information about it via QR codes attached to the various stations. Additional documents and photos can be opened and detailed texts can be read. Around 40 stations have been realized around Sayner Abbey.
​​​​​​​On the Intemet site, those interested can go on a drone flight through the former Premonstratensian monastery from the 12th century. and under the title 'Hidden Places -
​​​​​​​Hidden places of Sayn Abbey, to which one otherwise has no access, will provide unusual insights - for example, a view over the attic above the church, views from the bell tower, a look into the former treasury with the instruction window to the altar or a foray through the vaulted cellar, sacristy or organ loft. 


Just click the images


Join us on a journey through the history of the over 800 year old
Premonstratensian Abbey of Sayn in Bendorf Sayn.
Just use your cell phone and our QR code,
which you can use to download the DigiWalk app for free.
Then simply search for "Abbey Sayn" and click on it.
Now your digital tour of the abbey can begin:
With 33 stations of our historical sights.

 Please scan the QR code

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