Concert in the Abbey Church Sayn with OPUS 4 and Prof. Hans-Jürgen Kaiser

Almost 2 years after the first contact, the Förderkreis Abtei Sayn e.V. could finally present a concert with OPUS 4 and Prof. Kaiser in the Abbey Church Sayn to the audience. The difficult times of Corona allowed on
3 October the public performance of music from 4 centuries again. The well-known trombone quartet OPUS 4 with trombonists of the Gewandhausorchester Leipzig supplemented by the organist of the High Cathedral of Fulda, Professor Hans-Jürgen Kaiser, played a program of the extra class in front of highly interested guests in the atmospheric abbey church Sayn.
It began with works from the late Renaissance by Trombetti and Palestrina, Ludwig Senfl and Heinrich Schütz were the transition to Italian masters around 1600, including Giovanni Gabrieli. The trombonists used special baroque trombones, accompanied by Prof. Kaiser on the historic Stumm organ from 1778. The warm timbres of the trombones and the Stumm organ enchanted the visitors and led them into a musical world of sacred character, which was strict in its orientation but pleasant in its atmospheric design.
Prof. Kaiser then demonstrated the brilliance of his organ playing with works by Franz Liszt, Ave Maria (by Arcadelt) and Tomas Luis de Victoria, O Vos Omnes (Motet), but also the quality of the "small" historic Stumm organ of the Sayner Church, which only has 29 stops, 2 manuals and 1 pedal. Later, Prof. Kaiser declared it to be a "great organ".
The visitors were then sent off into the break with two surprising pieces.
First, the 4 trombonists played the Toccata and Fugue in D minor by Johann Sebastian Bach. Probably none of the visitors of the concert had ever heard this famous work performed exclusively by trombones. Very closely oriented to the original, OPUS 4 thus challenged the audience to a first storm of applause. The visitors were surprised and enthusiastic.
No less convincing was then an improvisation reflex by Prof. Kaiser on the Toccata on the organ, the actual instrument for the Toccata. Prof. Kaiser shone with a performance of Toccata and Fugue that he had worked out himself, as it has probably rarely been performed in churches or concert halls. Brilliance of the playing and modernity of the realization led to the next storm of applause from the visitors.
In the break that followed, there was already extremely lively discussion over a glass of champagne or wine.
Bruckner and Krol introduced after the break the guests of the promotion circle abbey Sayn again into the music happening. OPUS 4 and Prof. Kaiser showed a wonderful harmony in the pieces Ave Maria- Antiphon -Ecce Sacerdos by Bruckner and Cantilena amorosa by Krol. The audience was immediately back in the world of music.
An intermediate piece by Mendelssohn-Bartholdy from the Sonata in B-flat major op.65, showed once again the beauty of the organ art, which was due to the work, the organ, but above all to the performer.
A wonderful concert afternoon ended with two works by Gabrieli and Marini. The trombones of OPUS 4 and the organ, played by Prof. Kaiser once again enchanted the visitors with their grandiose interplay and challenged the audience to a great applause and made the performers finish the concert with an encore, a chorale by Joh. Sebastian Bach.
Corona probably kept some people from attending the concert in the Sayn Abbey Church, but those who had spent the afternoon in Sayn were highly enthusiastic about the concert and thanked the performers OPUS 4 and Prof. Kaiser, but also the Förderkreis Abtei Sayn e.V., which made such a qualitatively valuable program possible in the first place.


Concert in the abbey church Sayn
on 3. 10. 2021, 16:00 o'clock with the trombone quartet OPUS 4 and
Prof. Hans-Jürgen Kaiser, organist at the High Cathedral of Fulda

Musical works from the 16th to the 20th century will sound on October 3 at 16:00 in the abbey church in Bendorf - Sayn and the time-honored former Premonstratensian abbey in Bendorf-Sayn, Abteistr. 132 an event highlight in 2021. The promotion circle abbey Sayn registered association is pleased that it succeeded to engage the well-known trombone quartet OPUS 4 and the organist of the high cathedral to Fulda, Professor Hans Jürgen Kaiser to this concert. The ensemble of the trombone quartet currently consists of Jörg Richter and Dirk Lehmann from the Gewandhausorchester zu Leipzig, Michael Peuker from the Sächsische Bläserphilharmonie and Wolfram Kuhnt from the Staatskapelle Halle.
In addition to his organist activities, Prof. Kaiser is also artistic director of the organ concerts and matinees at Fulda Cathedral. An appointment as university professor for organ improvisation at the University in Mainz show the wide appreciation of Prof. Kaiser.
The main focus of the works to be performed in Sayn is on the late Renaissance and Baroque periods, and they have been specially arranged for trombone and organ. In the interplay of the historic Stumm organ from 1778 and the baroque trombones, some of which are used by OPUS 4, homogeneous and soft sound experiences can be expected, which will captivate the visitors.
The concert in the abbey church of Sayn will be complemented by a drink in the Romanesque cloister with sparkling wines and wines from Bettys Weinwelt, Bendorf.
Despite the Corona pandemic, the Förderkreis Abtei Sayn e.V. has decided to hold the concert according to the rules 2 G+.
So you should contact the organizer in good time before the event by phone +492622 / 14174 or by e-mail at geschaeftsfuehrer@abtei-sayn.de. Only there tickets can be ordered at a price of 25.00 € per ticket and only there you will receive further information.
The Förderkreis Abtei Sayn e.V. is looking forward to every single visitor. The long period of cancellations of concerts and other events can finally slowly come to an end. However, we are sticking to the currently valid security measures also for your very personal safety.

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