The promotion circle abbey Sayn registered association - winner with homeland heroes 2021

The society for the promotion and preservation of the Sayn Abbey e.V.
were in the year 2021 by the Sparkasse Koblenz with as "homeland heroes".
distinguished. The award ceremony was on May 9, 2022.
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Text of the Sparkasse Koblenz on the award ceremony (Kopie 1)

Charitable work in a voluntary association or institution is indispensable for our society. That is why Sparkasse Koblenz created the "HeimatHelden" award. This has now been awarded at a gala to five winning associations from the year 2021: Förderverein Moselweiß, Örmser Museumsverein, initiative "Aging in Brey" Rhine-Moselle, citizen action group Niederwerth and Förderkreis Abtei Sayn.

A total of 25,000 euros in prize money was offered. A jury selected from all applications five HeimatHelden from the business area of the savings bank, which received in each case documents as well as a price money at a value of 5,000 euro for their project work.

Savings Bank CEO Matthias Nester welcomed the many guests to the award ceremony in the Apollo cinema: "I am very pleased to welcome you today on the occasion of the presentation of the HeimatHelden Award 2021 of Sparkasse Koblenz. Especially after we had to postpone the award ceremony last year due to the Corona pandemic. Those who voluntarily work for the common good without monetary compensation, who do not turn their backs on hardship, who willingly help the supposedly weaker, significantly promote the cohesion of our society. This is an achievement that cannot be overstated. Nevertheless, it is a fundamental concern of ours to honor five outstanding HeimatHelden who work here locally, keep customs alive and preserve local history."

Then the laudators had the floor. First David Langner, mayor of the city of Koblenz, who introduced the Förderverein Moselweiß e. V. (FVM). The aim of the association is to develop and maintain a multigenerational park on the former animal shelter site in Koblenz-Moselweiß. The long-term large-scale project and the activities of the FVM can be assigned to several target areas, since a holistically oriented concept is pursued: Environmental protection and nature conservation are just as much a part of it as education, art, culture and social issues.

Torsten Schmitz, area manager of the Koblenz Schängel, introduced the Örmser Museumsverein e. V. from Urmitz. The association would like to establish a barrier-free tour through the entire village with different stations. At these locations traditional cultural goods are to be set up and explained more near. In this way, the history of the village from pumice mining to the present day is to be presented.

The initiative "Aging in Brey" Rhine-Moselle was presented by Jörg Perscheid, member of the board of the Sparkasse Koblenz. The initiative promotes the support of older residents in Brey - be it with shopping, grave care or storytelling afternoons in the elementary school. The goal is to promote mutual respect in the local community and support across all age groups. This is intended to develop a strong sense of togetherness in the community that will serve as a role model for the younger generation.

The District Administrator of the Mayen-Koblenz district, Dr. Alexander Saftig, introduced the Niederwerth Citizens' Action Group. The action group was formed through the process of village renewal and is primarily dedicated to the care and maintenance of fruit trees and the natural landscape. The current project is the reactivation of the village well. With their commitment, the group contributes to a higher quality of life in the village and should serve as a model for many other communities.

Finally, Matthias Nester presented the Förderkreis Abtei Sayn e. V. from Bendorf. The honorary promotion circle uses itself for the monument protection, the preservation of historical monuments likewise for art and culture. The special historical meaning of the abbey with its culture area for Sayn is made accessible and clear to the public by cultural and spiritual meetings. For 40 years, the association has already been committed to the abbey and makes its history much more attractive for potential visitors and thus also strengthens our homeland.

In his closing words, Nester said, "On behalf of the entire region, I thank you for your work. May you forever retain the joy, deep meaning and magic inherent in feeling the profound gratitude of the people who benefit from your deeds."

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