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§ 1
The Society is named "Förderkreis Abtei Sayn e.V." (hereinafter: “the Society”) and is based in Bendorf-Sayn.
It is legally valid by entry in the public society register and non-profit in the sense of the tax regulations.

§ 2
The purpose of the Society is to preserve and promote the former Premonstratensian Abbey of Sayn.
The special historical significance of the abbey with its cultural space for Sayn is to be opened up to the public through cultural and spiritual events.

§ 3
Member can be any natural and legal person. Acceptance is decided upon by the board.
The membership is terminated by
a) death;
b) declaration of exit;
c) exclusion;
d) non-payment of at least 2 annual contributions.

§ 4
Each member undertakes to pay a fixed annual contribution at his own discretion, but at least Euros 12.00.
The Society does not seek profit. All of its funds and resources shall be used exclusively for the purposes of
its intended use. The members do not receive payments from the Society.

§ 5
No person may be favored by expenses which are foreign to the purpose of the Society or by disproportionately
high payments.

§ 6
Organs of the Society
a) the Board of Directors;
b) the General Meeting.

§ 7
The Board of Directors consists of the chairman, two deputy chairmen, the managing director, the treasurer and
5 assessors.
The Board of Directors within the meaning of § 26 BGB (Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch = German Civil Code) is
the chairman, the deputy chairmen and the managing director.
§ 8
The Board of Directors is elected by the Annual General Meeting for a period of two years. It is responsible for the management, the implementation of the Society decisions and the management of the Society's assets. It represents the Society in all Society matters. It disposes of the assets of the Society for the purposes of its intended use.

The Board of Directors makes its resolutions in board meetings convened by the chairman or deputy chairmen. An announcement of the agenda is not necessary. The Board of Directors is obligated to include in all contracts signed
with the Society the provision that the members of the Society shall only be liable with the Society's assets, excluding the personal liability of the Members.

§ 9
At least once a year, if possible at the beginning of the calendar year, a proper General Meeting has to take place.
The members are invited to do so by public notice.

The General Meeting is primarily responsible for:
a) the receipt of the annual report and the annual calculation;
b) the election of the members of the Board of Directors and the cash auditors as well as their recall;
d) the resolution about statute changes and about the dissolution of the Society.

Extraordinary General Meetings must be convened if the interest of the Society requires it or at least 20 members
apply for such a meeting in writing to the Board of Directors, stating the purpose and reasons.
By the adoption of resolutions, the majority of those who have appeared shall decide; However, for statute changes
a majority of votes of 3/4 of the persons appearing and for the dissolution of the Society a majority of 4/5 of the appeared is necessary.

§ 10
The resolutions passed by the Society organs (see § 6 of the articles of Society) must be submitted in writing and
signed by the respective meeting chairman and the author of the lecture.

§ 11
In case of the dissolution of the Society (see § 9, last paragraph), the entire property of the Society falls to the
Catholic church community of Sayn under the obligation to use it according to the purpose of the Society.

Bendorf-Sayn,  14th of October 1997

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