Measures  2011-2016

The society maintains the heritage of the Sayn abbey
The Premonstratensian abbey Sayn was kept on account of Napoleon’s politics in 1803 and passed on to the Prince  Friedrich August von Nassau. He took on the grounds and buildings that had been the basis for the financial basis of the Abbey Sayn. He also took all the furniture among other things the valuable library. He left only a few books in Sayn. Bit by bit they are being restored with the funds of the society. As an example a donation is given for a mass rite for the Premonstratensian order dating back to 1735. It is given the stamp that it is the property of the abbey and a notice that after the dissolution of the monastery of Father Hermann Joseph Schmalenbach in the palace park the Earl  von Boos used. The Father, born in 1771 in Sayn took on the job as the house chaplain when the abbey was dissolved in 1803.  He died in 1830. A marble tablet in the choir of the abbey church reminds us of him as the last priest of the Sayn abbey.

The depictions show the book before and after the restoration that was carried out by the restorer from Bendorf, Barbara Hardy.

The restoration of the iron cross and its new installment on the west facade was a substantial measure of the society in 2012. Furthermore books from the archive were restored.

The support by the parish to renovate the parish house was one of the measures causing the most effort for the society.
The restoration of the mass garments, financing new mass garments made by the Maria sisters Schönstätt in Vallendar. Also a new cupboard was put in in in der Sakristei of the abbey in 2013.

Quite a number of sacred wooden figures from different centuries, that to some extent were worm-ridden, had to have special treatment.  

Before the procession for feast of Corpus Christi the society  had the canopy’s embroidering renewed by the Schönstätt Maria sisters.
The restorer, Thomas Hardy, from Koblenz restored five old candle sticks for the sanctuary of the abbey church.
The focus of the measures by the society that year was to restore the Maria Chapel in the palace park. For this donations and profits from the Harvard Krokodiloes-concerts were used to renovate the roof, the painting and the new gothic pieta.

The restoring of the Simon shrine from around 1220 as the place where the relic of the arm of holy apostle Simon was kept is currently being carried out. The society and the monument society of the bishopric of Trier are both covering the costs.


To complete the outside renovation works of the abbey church at the end of 2015 the society financed a ceramic Madonna being put up on the North facade of the church on the pedestal from 1737, which is exhibited in the parish house. The "new" ceramic Madonna from the  60s made by the Brothers and Sisters in Degen from Höhr-Grenzhausen, was placed in the Holy Cross Church in Koblenz Ehrenbreitstein until November 2015.


The arcades of the cloister won still more at attraction, since the Thursday men" decorate them with flowers and for their regular care provide. For the plants of the flower boxes and the patches as well as for the garden and craft devices sponsors' association abbey Sayn is responsible.

The new verge of the patches in the inner court of the cloister with a new small hedge was likewise converted in the year 2016, like the renovation of the wood of the quiescent banks there and in the cloister as well as their new painting.

The Förderkreis abbey Sayn supported the parish also with the advancement of the altar from the choir area of the church into the range of crossing. Here new landing as well as the reorientation of the lighting became necessary on the altar.

At the end of August 2016 could also the return of the Simonsschreins after the completion of the restoration to his traditional place in the abbey church be celebrated. The restoration very much succeeded required a not small financial employment of Förderkreis abbey Sayn.

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