Measures 2020

Since the flags from 2015 could no longer be installed due to weather conditions,
the flag ensemble was replaced by attractive new flags.

To the book "Abbey Sayn" the part 2 " The provosts, abbots and administrators of the Premonstratensian monastery Sayn" was rewritten by Dr. Bruno Krings.
The Förderkreis financed the new version, the printing and the distribution of the brochure.

Plaques made of plexiglass with the most important explanations of the main sights of the abbey and the surrounding area were created and installed.
This also in preparation for a digital tour of the sights by QR code.


The Marian column in the crossing of the abbey church from the turn of the century around 1700, at that time procured by Abbot Engelbert Colendal,
was restored with the support of 50% of the costs.

Measures in 2021

The elaboration of a digital guided tour of the abbey and its related attractions, started in 2020, was completed by setting up the so-called "Digi-Walk". With it, visitors can get all the important information about the abbey itself using their smartphones. There is both the possibility of informing themselves with pictures and text, but also to have the essential sights explained to them with speech by means of an "audio guide".

The dismantling of the baroque figures of the saints Peter and Paul, which was necessary in the context of the construction work in the crossing of the abbey church, was used to have them restored. Here, too, a substantial contribution to the costs was promised by the Förderkreis.

The usual measures such as flyer printing, assumption of costs for flower decorations around the abbey, guided tours, etc. were also taken over in 2021.

Measures 2022

The restoration of the statues of St. John the Evangelist and St. Simon the Zealot the Apostle have been commissioned and will be finally completed this year. The parish has been promised that the costs will be covered. Likewise, the restoration work in the cloister, which was necessary after water damage, will be completed in 2022. Here, too, the insurance company has agreed to pay the remaining costs.

The Meermann painting "Adoration of the Shepherds" was slightly damaged. The damage was repaired, as was the damage to the tomb of Henry III and the tomb of the Reifenberg family.


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