2023 Advent-celebrate

a cheerful, sensual Advent celebration

With wintry and contemplative songs from his Advent/Christmas program, songwriter Manfred Pohlmann opened this year's Advent celebration of the Förderkreis Abtei Sayn. By the third song, the more than 60 members who had gathered for the Advent café joined in with "Lasst uns froh und lustig sein" (Let's be happy and merry) in the beautifully decorated ballroom of Sayn Castle on the afternoon of December 5, 2023. Our Chairman, District Administrator Dr. Alexander Saftig, warmly welcomed the members to the now traditional annual gathering during the Advent season. With thought-provoking words, he introduced the Advent season, which today is often characterized by a lack of interest in Christmas history as well as a lack of knowledge. His recitation of the poem "Markt und Straßen sind verlassen, still erleuchtet jedes Haus" by Joseph Eichendorff then led to an atmospheric introduction to the afternoon for the participants. 
After more songs by Manfred Pohlmann, Managing Director Jürgen Mosen opened the cake buffet, not without introducing the members of the support group, who have been making a great contribution to the success of the Advent café for years by baking the cakes themselves.
During a short break for cake, our board member Manfred Hendrichs presented the program of trips planned by the Förderkreis for 2024. It includes 3 day trips to Hamborn Monastery and on to Kevelaer with Father Thomas in April/May, a boat pilgrimage to Kamp-Bornhofen in June/July, a 6 or 7-day trip to Cornwall, starting in the first week of September and a final trip in October to the Städel Museum in Frankfurt and the "new old town" there. More detailed information will be provided over time via press releases, our website and flyers. The Board is already hoping for active participation in the trips by members, friends and supporters of the Förderkreis.
With the presentation of the event dates of the Förderkreis in 2024, the concerts of Musici di Sayn and the organ summer in the Sayn Abbey Church, Jürgen Mosen was able to refer to an extensive program "around Sayn Abbey", which will be summarized in the coming days and weeks in an annual flyer, which will of course be published again in the churches of the Bendorf parish community, the local tourism partners and on the homepage www.abtei-sayn.de. 
At the end of the Advent café, all participants were once again able to enjoy the music of our member Manfred Pohlmann and sing along to some of the songs, e.g. "Macht hoch die Tür..." and get in the mood for the Advent season.


Download of the program through clicking the picture
Förderkreis Abtei Sayn e.V. invites to Advent celebration
The executive committee of the Förderkreis der Abtei Sayn e.V. cordially invites its members to this year's Advent celebration. In addition to coffee and a cake buffet, you can expect a nice program with Advent music with Manfred Pohlmann. Greetings from the chairman, District Administrator Dr. Alexander Saftig, and announcements will give you up-to-date insights into the work of the Förderkreis.
The Advent celebration for our members will take place on Tuesday, December 5 at 3:00 p.m. in the ballroom of Sayn Castle. We would be very happy about donations of cakes. For the planning please contact Elisabeth Bleidt 02622-5988 or Jürgen Mosen 02622-14174 as early as possible.

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