Altar boys' excursion to the Klotten Wildlife and Leisure Park

On Saturday, June 25, 25 altar boys from the parishes of Bendorf, Sayn and Weitersburg, together with parish administrator Jijo Antony and their chaperones, set off by bus on their tour to Klotten on the Moselle. The destination was the game and leisure park there. In addition to the variety of animals in the game park, which we took a closer look at, the roller coasters and wild water rides were of course an important goal. There, however, especially the supervisors had a lot of fun. This was the first day that the Mass servers from the parish community spent together after the Corona pandemic, which is why there was a lot to talk about. At about 4 p.m., everyone had to return home. We are already looking forward to the next joint projects, which will probably be tackled again after the summer vacations.

Carolers also successful on the road in 2020

On January 4 and 5, 2020 they were on the road again, the carol singers!
25 girls and boys from Sayn and Mülhofen, including altar boys, communion children and enthusiasts from last year were in the streets of Sayn and Mülhofen on the road and have brought the blessing of God into the houses and collected more than 3500 € for needy children in Lebanon. The house blessing, which the children attached to the door frames with the blessing: 20*C+M+B+20, was accepted with joy by all visited families and mostly even especially desired. Therefore, many residents have previously registered through the telephone lines provided and expressly asked for a visit of the carol singers and the house blessing for 2020. This, of course, shows the children that they are welcome and many residents even wish their visit especially to receive the annual blessing for their house. The fact that some residents called the children back because they had not heard the doorbell shows that this blessing is very much appreciated and would like to have. Yes even car drivers from the Westerwald interrupted their trip and asked the carolers for the sticker with the blessing! So the strenuous tour through the streets was of course even more fun and was continued enthusiastically on Saturday after a strengthening by a common lunch and on Sunday even after the church service. Together, everyone experienced another wonderful event and collected a great amount of money!
We would like to sincerely thank all the donors, all the guides and helpers, and of course especially the hard-working children.
our heartfelt thanks!


Successful 2019

For the Sayner altar servers, an eventful year 2019 comes to an end. 
Not only on Sundays at the altar, but also at the high festivals such as Easter, Corpus Christi and Pentecost, or at the wedding of Prince Casimir and Alana or at the parish festival, our altar servers were always reliable.
As a thank you for their service, the supervisors organized two movie nights in November, with the favorite movies of the minis. With delicious pizza and some beautiful pictures of the year, we laughed and smiled about many a mistake at the altar.

We would like to thank our altar servers especially for this great year and are already looking forward to the next one!
The supervisors Jochen, Janis, Amelie and Björn

Diligent carol singers in Sayn and Mülhofen on the way

22 hardworking children were on Saturday in the costume of the Wise Men from the East with their companions in Sayn and Mülhofen on the road and have brought the blessing and the good wishes for the New Year in the houses. Of course they received many sweets as a thank you, but they also collected a considerable amount of money for the aid projects of the Kindermissionswerk! From 9:00 a.m. until nightfall, the 6 groups of carol singers were out in the drizzle. A pleasant and cheerful interruption was of course provided by the joint lunch in the parish hall, where hard-working mothers assisted Mrs. Senn in preparing and distributing pasta with delicious sauce. Thus strengthened and dried, everyone then set off again in the second half of the day. Since unfortunately fewer and fewer children participate in the carol singing campaign, we are especially grateful to this year's participants that they were willing to put themselves at the service of a good cause. Visiting the desired addresses, including the corresponding and also the most populated streets, continued to prove its worth this year.
The campaign lasted until nightfall and yielded proceeds of 3,145 euros.
As every year, the money goes to the 1400 projects of the Children's Missionary Organization of the Sternsinger in the BDKJ; this year especially to needy children in Peru!
In the name of the relief organization we thank you for all the donations! We would also like to thank all those who contributed to the success of the caroling as guides on the way or as helpers in the kitchen. We would especially like to thank the busy carol singers who tirelessly sang their song in front of the house doors and gladly wrote the blessing on the door of the grateful residents!


Solemn introduction of the new altar servers

In a solemn church service on September 16 in the abbey church in Sayn
10 altar boys and girls were officially inducted into their ministry.
Father Paul welcomed seven girls and three boys. Eight already experienced altar boys and girls did not miss the opportunity to participate in the service. The new "Minis" introduced themselves with a game of letters and immediately explained to those present at the service what they personally understand by altar serving! Afterwards, they made their altar server promise, received their appointment certificates, their altar server robes, and as a gift, a small enameled cape cross. During the official dressing, which of course took place in front of everyone at the altar, the old altar boys were able to share their experience and lend a helping hand.
After the intercessions, which were recited by the lector, parents and minis, the altar, which had been empty until then, was set up. The new minis brought the cross, the two bells, candles, censer and boat, chalice and host bowl, bread and wine, water for the offertory to the altar. An experienced altar server explained the meaning and function of the instruments and symbols.
Now the Eucharistic celebration could begin, in which the new Minis themselves took over almost all the tasks of the altar servers. The experienced minis saw their main task on this day in showing by their presence how much they are happy about the new ones and how important their service is to them!
At the end of the solemn service, which was musically accompanied by the St. George Church Choir from Löhndorf, Fr. Paul thanked everyone who had participated in the celebration, the preparation and also the formation of the Minis! It was a beautiful welcoming ceremony that everyone will surely remember with pleasure.

Our altar boys at the jubilee shooting party
of the shooting society Sayn 1843 e.V.
on Sunday, August 19 in "action" with pastor Fey.

Altar boys Sayn at the service at the Schützenplatz

Every church service is different.

This was also experienced by the minis last Sunday at the open-air service on the rifle range of the Sayner Schützengesellschaft.
Together with two already experienced altar servers, five "new ones" mastered their service!
The unfamiliar environment and the minimal space demanded quite a lot of empathy and also improvisation from all of them!
The good-humored troop did a great job!

Action Dreikönigssingen
The Sternsinger of our Pfarreiengemeinschaft were on the way at beginning of the year, girls and boys. with companions from the parish. came in the garments the hallowed three king to you.
This year's action stood under the motto
"Blessing brings, blessing is.
Respect for you, for me, for others. in Bolivia and world-wide!"
With the chalk-sign, they brought the blessing-saying on wish at the door:

Hello dear communion-children !

We are the six acolytes, who accompanied communion on the "Weißer Sonntag" with our service in the altar for you when your first sanctifying! Maybe you can still remember us. With you, to celebrate the church service, we found much joy in it and was beautiful to participate! Therefore we think that it would make also some of you for joy to participate in us and to become acolyte or acolytes.
We, and we are altogether 11, would be very happy us over reinforcement and your help.
Therefore reports you with Father Norbert, in the parish-office (02622) 2746, or with
Jochen Schneider (02622) 13397).
We look forward to you!

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