Measures 2017 - 2019

Förderkreis maintains the heritage from Sayn Abbey
The discovery of Stations of the Cross panels in the Upper Westerwald, which were probably made on original casting molds from the Sayner Ironworks, led to the purchase of 12 panels by the Förderkreis. The Stations of the Cross panels correspond in their depiction to the panels as they were cast in zinc by Samuel and Fritz Weigelt around 1862 and erected in the castle park. On some of them the signature of Fritz Weigelt can still be seen. The condition of the panels was such that they still had to be restored. The future location has not yet been decided.


In the abbey church the microphone system was partly renewed or supplemented.
Around the church, convent building and rectory, a flag ensemble was erected by the Thursday men. During the tourist season, this is to achieve a better effect of the overall complex restored in the previous year. Of course, the costs for the flower arrangements in the cloister and courtyard were covered again this year.

Measures 2018

On the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the rectory, the former prelature of the monastery, the Förderkreis set up an exhibition room on the ground floor and in the former rectory office of the prelature, which has become an important part of the guided tours of the abbey. Illuminated and air-conditioned glass cases suitable for museums were acquired in which chasubles and a choir robe from around 1750 could be exhibited. Extensive restorations of sacred objects complemented the measures taken by the sponsoring association to set up the exhibition. With a grand opening event on 9.9.2018, the exhibition and, in addition, an exhibition of light sculptures by the artist Philipp Graf Schönborn in the abbey church were presented to the public.
For more details, see 300 Years of Prelacy​​​​​​​.
The sponsoring group also financed radio microphones for guided tours and, as every year, the flower decorations for the Stations of the Cross and the inner courtyard.


Measures 2019

The main focus of the year was the publication of a new book by the Förderkreis about one of the most important art objects that Sayn Abbey has.
The book "The shrine of the apostle Simon in Sayn, veneration of saints, treasure art and politics around 1200" by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schmid presents the shrine of Simon with the arm relic.
by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schmid focuses on the Simon shrine with the arm relic of the Apostle Simon. The shrine from 1220, which was extensively restored in 2015 and 2016 and presented to the expert public at a colloquium in 2016 at Sayn Castle, is presented in a new, larger context in the book described above.  The book was presented at the abbey church on December 15, 2019, and is available through bookstores and the Förderkreis.
For details, see the book presentation​​​​​​​

The usual measures such as flower decorations, production of flyers and posters for events, implementation of concerts, wine tastings, guided tours and various trips were of course also in 2019 in the wide range of tasks of the Friends.

Measures 2020

Since the flags from 2015 could no longer be installed due to weather conditions,
the flag ensemble was replaced by attractive new flags.

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