Maria chapel in the park

As early as 1708 Elector Johann Hugo von Orsberck had a holy house, that had been standing on the stone bridge over the Sayn and Brex streams on the road from Engers to  Sayn, replaced. There must have been a much older chapel standing here before.

When on account of the street changes and the sale of the area first to Earl Boos, then to Prince and Princess Sayn-Wittgenstein the palace park was created in the 1850s, there came into being in 1862 on behalf of Princess Leonilla the current-day gothic chapel with the impressive Pieta.

The chapel is still visited by Sayn locals who direct their prayers to the "suffering mother of God ".

The Way of the Cross in the park

The Maria chapel was the point for the start and end of the Way of the Cross in the palace park.  

On behalf of Princess Leonilla 14 stations of the cross were cast by the modellers Wilhelm Samuel Weigelt and his son Fritz in the Sayn hut in 1862. The stations were put up directly near the chapel.

During the wars the stations were somewhat damaged, destroyed or some even stolen.

Not until 1996 was it possible for them to be restored or replaced by new models. In 1997 a 15th station (resurrection) was put up.

On account of the new addition in 2010 the stations were taken out of their somewhat hidden places and put along the round way of the palace park, which people like to walk.

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