Prayer in old age

Prayer in old age

Lord, do not let me become an old grumbler,
only complaining and sighing, grumbling, slandering,
grieving over myself and being unbearable for others.

Lord, give me a smile and a smirk, even if it comes from a mouth without teeth.
Lord, give me humor that puts everyone and everything in its right place.
Lord, make me a great old man.
This one gives away his good, his time and the flowers of his garden.

Lord, do not let me become a person of the past,
who only talks about the old times, when everything went well,
and see only the bad in today's youth.

Lord, do not let me forget my youth in my old age.
Lord, You have established the seasons of the year and of life.
Make me be right in each season.

Lord, I do not wish happiness directly, but that the late autumn of my life may be
is beautiful and acts as a testimony to God's beauty.

Canon Paul von Arx

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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