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Pius / Parish festival 2019

Joachim Fey: Exciting outlook on the Pius Festival "2060
Smiling outlook and clear reality
That one thinks with the Piusfest in Sayn of the martyr in the so-called Piuschor in the abbey Sayn and an altar donated by princess Leonilla and a celebration connected with it, is today surely no longer often in memory. But the "Piusfest" is still gladly celebrated as a parish festival in Sayn. And so there was also this year a special festive service in the venerable abbey church in Sayn, celebrated by Father Joachim Fey, musically excellently framed by the church choir "St. Marien" Sayn and the Medardus-Kantorei Bendorf. In his sermon, Father Fey, smiling and accompanied by many a laugh from the nave, drew a view of a possible "Piusfest 2060". "It is 'well attended,' about a hundred visitors are in the church, they bring their own chairs because the pews are eaten by woodworm. One pew has collapsed under the weight of 'weighty sakers', chronicler Dietrich Schabow has documented the names meticulously. In 2059 the new multi-purpose hall was finally built in Sayn, which was so urgently needed. The "Spetzjesgucker' is colored in the meantime, one has built a monument to the previous carnivalist 'An den drei Kanonen'. The mass is accompanied by Muslims, there is a common carnival society of all districts and to the parish festival - that is celebrated alternately with festivals at the German corner and in Kobern-Gondorf - Stromberg donates some organic goats, the prince from Sayn two wild boars". Humorously pastor Fey drives it on the point and holds the fool's mirror before the churchgoers, which could become reality even in parts. And he ended in the true words "We are always measured more by our deeds than by our words!". The Sayn Music Association provided an exceptionally upbeat morning. Outstanding! The day care center "St. Elisabeth" also contributed with a picture exhibition "Connecting faith and life". The singing duo Jonas and Harald Becker entertained musically in the afternoon in magical weather. In the meantime, guided tours of the abbey church were possible, the reliquary of St. Simon could be visited, and face painting was offered for children, in addition to the culinary offerings. An all-around successful celebration that must also stand for tradition in the future.
Text: Peter Siebenmorgen

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