The book about the Sayn Abbey

Sayn Abbey Franz Hermann Kemp/Dietrich Schabow, to commemorate the 800 hundred years of history of the former Premonstratensian abbey , Görres Publisher, 2002, 244 pages with numerous pictures, ISBN 3-935690-03-7,
Price: EUR 10,00

The book is available in the parish from the Society for the Preservation of the Abbey Sayn (Kontakt) and from the tourist information centre (Rhine Cast iron museum) in Sayn palace.

30 years of the society:

A book with numerous illustrations as a reprint of the Sayn pilgrimage hand book from 1742 and with an essay on the subject matter by Dr. Erika Heitmeyer
Price: EUR 9,80

Also available from the parish or the Society (Kontakt).

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