The society for the promotion and preservation of the Sayn Abbey e.V. has since 1981 set itself the task of carrying out numerous tasks in order to maintain the Romanesque abbey in Sayn and the monuments in the surroundings. Since its existence membership fees and donations have been invested in the particularly historical and cultural setting of Sayn.

The society for the promotion and preservation of the Sayn Abbey e.V.  had its 25th anniversary on 19th November 2006.
Also on this day the commemoration year began for the birth of Saint Elisabeth 800 years earlier. Because of the arm relic of the saint which is kept in the palace chapel the place is particularly connected with the places in which Elisabeth was active.

The chairmans:

Heinz Korbach                 Regierungspräsident         1981 until 1989
Dr. Theo Zwanziger Regierungspräsident 1989 until 1991
Rudolf Schwan Landrat 1991 until 1997
Albert Berg-Winters Landrat 1997 until 2009
Dr. Alexander Saftig Landrat 2009 until today


The managers:

Elisabeth Sprindt       1982 until 2001
Reanate Holler 2001 until today


the honor-members:

Heinz Kornach until 27.06.1989
Dr. Theo Zwanziger until 19.09.1991
Helmut Flöck until 20.10.1994
Lambert Mohr until 14.10.1997
Rudolf Schwan until 14.10.1997
Dr. Hans-Bruno Marx      until 04.03.1997
Elisabeth Sprindt until 10.09.2001
Dr. Heinz Geenen until 11.01.2006
Albert Berg-Winters until 09.11.2009



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